Wang Xinzhe, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: The cloud computing market has reached 69.16 billion yuan, and the public cloud industry has developed greatly.

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Wang Xinzhe said that cloud computing is a concentrated expression of information technology development and service model innovation. It is the commanding height of international competition and the new kinetic energy of economic development under the background of informationization. It is important for building an innovative country and achieving high-quality economic development. The meaning.


Cloud computing market size reached 69.16 billion yuan

In recent years, China's cloud computing industry has achieved vigorous development and has become a favorable support for improving the level of information development and creating new kinetic energy for the digital economy. Wang Xinzhe introduced the development status of cloud computing from various aspects.

In terms of industry scale, relevant statistics show that the overall market size of China's cloud computing in 2017 reached 69.16 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 34.42%, of which the growth rate of public cloud market exceeded 50%, the industrial structure continued to optimize, and SaaS and PaaS accounted for Continuously improving, hybrid cloud has become a new growth point of industrial development, covering the gradual completion of the industrial chain of consulting, design, deployment, operation and maintenance.

In terms of technological innovation, it has continuously reflected the acceleration of strategic adjustment and layout, the release of cloud computing related technologies and products, and the construction of a sound industrial ecology, which has driven industrial innovation to be more active. Effectively meet the needs of a variety of complex applications.

In terms of industry applications, cloud computing accelerates from the Internet industry to traditional industries such as manufacturing, government, finance, education, and medical care, and has cultivated a number of typical cases, which has effectively promoted the realization of the digital economy, network, and intelligent transformation of the real economy. .

Six major initiatives drive deep integration with the real economy

Wang Xinzhe said that with the booming digital economy, the pace of new-generation information technology innovation and industrial adjustment represented by cloud computing will continue to accelerate, and the development space will be broader. Accelerate the development of new-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, and comprehensively promote deep integration with the real economy. The focus will be on the following six aspects:

First, break through key core technologies, implement innovation-driven development strategies, give full play to the unique role of the socialist market economy, promote collaborative research on production, education, and research, form a key core technology research system, and promote cloud computing and big data, Internet of Things, and industry. The integration of the Internet and artificial intelligence has accelerated the formation of a technologically advanced and ecologically complete technology product system.

The second is to speed up the strengthening of the industry's strength, increase overall planning and guidance, improve the industrial public service system, strengthen the construction of industrial carriers, guide software companies to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of cloud computing and big data environment, and actively cultivate new applications, new formats, new models, and build A group of leading enterprises and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, while promoting industrial development to a new level, promote public entrepreneurship and innovation.

The third is to promote enterprises to the cloud, promote the docking of supply and demand, and focus on key industries such as industrial cloud, government cloud, and financial cloud, and promote application services in the fields of industrial internet, e-government, bank insurance, and rail transit. The system promotes the deep integration of the new generation of information technology represented by cloud computing and the real economy, and transforms and upgrades traditional industries to create new kinetic energy for economic development.

Fourth, improve market supervision measures, further clarify the regulatory requirements for cloud computing-related businesses, and do a good job in the examination and approval of relevant business licenses for Internet data centers and Internet resource collaboration services in accordance with regulations, deepen the reform of the control services, and strengthen measures through credit management. Post-event supervision will promote the healthy and orderly development of the cloud service market.

The fifth is to build a network security system, adhere to the overall national security, thoroughly implement the cybersecurity law, accurately grasp the relationship between security and development, accelerate the improvement of the network security management system, enhance the security technology support and service capabilities, and comprehensively enhance the key information infrastructure. Network data, personal information and other security levels.

Sixth, we will continue to optimize the development environment, continue to implement the broadband China strategy, further promote the network to speed up and reduce costs, accelerate the commercial pace of 5G, promote network evolution and upgrade, study and formulate new policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of the software industry, and promote cloud computing and Innovative data development, further expand and upgrade information consumption, and gradually build a sound policy system.