VGA cable deployment and attention in construction

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1. Cable selection: It is best to purchase special VGA cable in general engineering and home. The price level is not uniform. The average price is moderate: 8-10 yuan/meter, less than 8 yuan/meter may not be good. , above 13 yuan / meter should be considered good quality. If you really have no conditions to buy, then use other things, such as the use of network cable, the network cable distance is best not to exceed 10-15 meters, 5 meters or so, and long image effects.

    7 lines of VGA cable: There are 7 lines in the dedicated VGA cable, and the outer shield layer is used as one line. Among the 7 lines, there are one red, blue and green. Note that each of the three is A thin coaxial line with a shield, so these three lines are actually six pins, one for each of black, brown, yellow, and white. So don't be surprised when you buy the line. There are only 7 lines instead of 11 or 15 inside. If you look at this, you don't know that it is a spoon.

    2, wiring distance: the distance required by the single-segment VGA cable standard is not more than 15 meters, but our usual application is not so strict, because our image requirements are not so high, under normal circumstances, 40 meters can also be used . Add VGA amplifiers when you are over 40 meters or if the images are not working well. It is best not to use more than 15 meters of cable or other unshielded cable. Usually we want to put the image on one computer on multiple monitors or computers, then you go to the computer city to buy a VGA splitter, the price is about 60 yuan.

    3, interference problem: the image is not clear or there is interference is probably the signal is not good or there is interference, the wiring should not be with the speaker speaker cable, the interference of that line is very large. The welding head is to be welded, do not engage in the grass. If the head is close to the power socket or the power strip, it is best to take a metal box to shield the joint or the starting point.