Meet 5G intelligent age, saige 6A network line power new life!

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the 2 and 3G networks that used to be used by most people will gradually drop out of the stage of history. At present, China has built the world's largest 4G network, and 4G network has become the first choice of most people. However, humans have not stopped the pace of exploration, in this context, 5G network followed.

In order to meet the needs of rapid development of Internet + business, 5G wireless communication network no longer only solves the communication problem between people, but contains the ecological information system between people, machines and machines. According to the characteristics of 5G network services, typical 5G coverage scenarios include outdoor wide-area coverage, indoor hotspot coverage, low-power data acquisition, and low-delay iot control.

For our common people, 5 g for us, the most intuitive is above the speed change, according to the field environment in guangdong mobile 5 g, 5 g network stable rate remain above 2 GBPS, namely 250 MB/s, this means that you can just click on the download also to have no and see the download page, high-definition movie download has been finished.

But 5G isn't just about faster networks. It's about disrupting every aspect of our connection experience. How will it affect our lives? Recently, China mobile's promotional video takes us to know about 5G life in the future:

It is 5G that enables all facilities to achieve high-speed, multi-band and low-delay network connectivity. They no longer work alone, but can be connected to each other. The future direction must be the intelligent application of the Internet of everything.

5G will break the threshold of intelligent life

Intelligent life is an important direction of the development of consumer electronics and mobile communication industry in recent years. We can see smart clothes, smart homes, VR/AR and driverless cars heating up one after another, and even locks are becoming more intelligent now. Intellectualization refers to the intelligent transformation of traditional hardware products and the ability to connect them, namely "intelligence + connection", so as to create a more intelligent and convenient experience for our current life.

There is no doubt that we all hope that 5G will come soon and bring more opportunities and changes to various industries. The majority of Internet users will be "pushed" into a new era of 5G at any time. In order not to be eliminated, ten thousand changes will not leave its zong, the first is to do a good job in laying the basic hardware.

Take the initiative to meet 5G new life, look forward to convenient

First of all, 5G brings ultra-high speed network, the downlink peak speed can reach 20 Gbps, while 4G's downlink peak speed is gigabit (1000Mbps), 5G's speed is fully 20 times that of 4G. From a purely theoretical point of view, 5G download time can be reduced to about 1/20 of 4G download time for files of the same size.

SO, the network cables under the top five categories will eventually face elimination just like 2G networks. However, the connected network cables are not easy to be replaced. For large projects with high replacement costs, such as engineering cables, household cables, and machine room construction, they must be consumed in advance and reserved in advance for high-speed network cables with low attenuation, cross-talk, and anti-interference.