Saige group assisted jiqing high-speed railway to build shandong "three longitudinal and three horizontal" railway network

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Jiqing high-speed railway, referred to as jiqing high-speed railway, is the first high-speed railway invested by local governments in China and an important part of the qingtai passenger passage of China's "four longitudinal and four horizontal" high-speed railway network. The high-speed railway runs through the shandong peninsula and is introduced from jinan east railway station to the Qingdao railway hub hongdao station via zouping, zibo, qingzhou, weifang, gaomi and jiaozhou. Set up jinan east station, zhangqiu north station, zibo north station, zibo north station, linzi north station, qingzhou north station, weifang north station, gaomi north station, jiaozhou north station, Qingdao airport station, red island station a total of 11 stations; The length of the main line is 307.9 km, forming the main channel of shandong province's "three longitudinal and three horizontal" intercity rail transit network.

With years of experience in product design and supply in railway industry experience, seg group related railway communication cable is successfully applied in jiqing high-speed rail projects, this series of products with fire, flame retardant, environmental protection, high reliability and good transmission performance performance advantages, such as in normal use and emergency occurs, which can effectively ensure the equipment running for a long time. Customers in the examination of the relevant qualifications, reports and products, also gave a high evaluation of segg's products!

Railway communication cable series products are saige group to build a high-speed railway, subway, light rail, rail transit such as cloud, one of the most important aspects of the product line, has more than in domestic subway and high-speed rail project to carry on the successful application of jiqing high-speed rail project application means of seg group in the field of rail transit application to the step of solid again. In the future, saige group will steadily promote the accumulation and innovation of railway communication product research and development technology, constantly improve the high-tech content of products, and ensure the normal use of railway communication system.