"Ecological livable, garden dream" -- saige join hands with nanning to build China international garden expo!

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Founded in 1997, China international garden expo (hereinafter referred to as the garden expo) is a high-level event in the landscape industry jointly held by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development and local governments. It is the highest level and largest international event in the landscape industry in China. The 12th China (nanning) international garden expo is scheduled to open in December 2018.


The site of this year's expo park is located at the top mountain lions block about 12 kilometers southeast of nanning city center. The selected plot has convenient transportation, which is adjacent to puxing avenue, the main urban road in the east, longgang avenue in the west, zhonglong road in the south and yudong avenue, the urban expressway in the north. The total area of the park is about 658 hectares.

Planning scope block on the mainland for typical lingnan hilly topography, the status quo by 18 8 from hills, terraced fields, 7 abandoned quarry, the 罇 river in northern, central water springs, south of mine water bodies such as multiple locations and small villages. The overall topography is rich and varied, hilly ups and downs, winding rivers, good vegetation.


Based on botanical garden project, the wetland park in past projects and projects around the resort experience in product design and supply, seg group in the height of the project and the owner units to identity, have begun for several suppliers, products, aiming at this kind of project should have environmental protection, waterproof, corrosion resistance, environment adaptable to the characteristics of the guarantee within the scope of such a large network communication, monitoring, security, broadcasting system can continuously run normally, now began to implement the pattern blocks, has been in the engineering company, supervision of party a and party.


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