Flowers and trees do not speak, only deep green -- stand in the green mountains and waters of the hobbit dream world

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Winding path leads to seclusion, the zen room is deep in flowers and woods, and the chanting path leads to seclusion and luxuriant in flowers and trees. What it expresses is the reclusive feelings of forgetting the worldly world and expressing affection for the mountains and rivers. Located in the beautiful scenery of mogan mountain in the middle of the mountain, flowers and trees depth false home stay will be poetry interpretation of the real!


Integrate the natural harmony into the bedroom space, build a beautiful dream world, enjoy the comfortable mountain life, come to the depth of flowers and trees will bring you perfect experience!

Referring to the home stay facility

What images come to mind

Green mountains and forests, gurgling streams of green water, rustic farmers


You may have experienced all kinds of homestays and seen all kinds of scenery, but believe me: there are always some beautiful things beyond the conventional, unique, and worth going to.


Just like the flower and wood deep false home stay in the eye at the turning of the peak road, segg group has devoted three years to creating the perfect home stay. Dreams are like fairy tales, too good to be true.

— Here, you will find that you have a special liking for life —


The inspiration of a movie

The Lord of the rings films, which have been popular all over the world, bring us spiritual stirring and endless aftertaste. The fairy tale hobbit cave is fascinating.


Sometimes I can't help thinking: Is the magic world in the movie really far away from our real life?

Can we create a fantastic hobbit living in the bottom of the bag hole, so that many big friends, children complete a journey through time and space soul?

Where there are dreams, there are miracles

Millions of years ago, humans came out of caves and began to live in groups freely. Cave seems to be the origin of civilization, full of countless imaginary space.Inhabit here, let go of more than a free childishness, still have our heart bottom returns uncut jade to return to true pure yearning.

This beauty alone is worth building bravely and tenaciously.

To build a hobbit cave, you need not only a lot of money and suitable terrain, but also a strong team, and more importantly, the subsequent output. Therefore, being a holiday home stay is the first choice to realize this dream.


With the goal gradually clear, start the long site selection, design, construction...

After three years of careful polishing and countless sweat and hardships, huamushen home stay facility was finally completed in May 2018.


In the interior design of huamushen main building, a large number of natural materials presented by nature are used to create a natural environment friendly and comfortable quiet space.

Each finely crafted little detail, presenting the beauty of ecological harmony, contains the city people's beautiful yearning for poetry and distant fields, so that people living in it can completely relax the fatigue of the journey.

Quiet time and years pass without sorrow


Time prints the marks of time on the cool terrazzo ground


The dry branches still hold the tension of life


The low color temperature light of 2800K creates a low-key and warm atmosphere


The mountain wind swept across the quiet hall

No enemy wind view guest room


Nine guest rooms with different views and large floor-to-ceiling Windows make people feel like sleeping in nature.

Live up to such fantastic scenery.



The viewing terrace is facing the natural zero distance of the mountains and woods.

Smelling the fresh air and embracing the natural beauty make people relaxed and happy.

Commitment to children

It became a neverland ranch


At the bottom of the hobbit bag, the designer designed the soft outfit himself, meticulously sculpting every detail to create a perfect replica of the middle earth scene.

Four hobbit cave landscape rooms, bringing time travel, close to the scenery of nature, is the flower and wood deep home stay pen.


On each bed we use a four-piece set of pure linen woven from imported flax from France. Although the cost is very high, but we hope that when the children sweet in bed, will feel all the pay is worth it.

It took three years to realize the kingdom of dreams

Fortunately, you're still here. I'm not old




The flower and wood deep quality home stay facility invested and constructed by saige group is of great significance in the history of group investment. Being close to nature, creating harmony and enjoying life will become the future development concept of the group. High-quality, unique, competitive industries and development direction are the key points of our layout. Let's gather flowers and trees together to share the pleasant time!